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(1995): Nanometer-Scale Layering in the Rock Varnish: Implications for genesis and Paleoenvironmental Interpretation.- The Journal of Geology vol. - Earth and Planetary Science Letters; Volume 181, Issue 4, Pages 513-527 Abstract Frank Lamy , Dierk Hebbeln , Ursula Röhl and Gerold Wefer (2001): Holocene rainfall variability in southern Chile: a marine record of latitudinal shifts of the Southern Westerlies . Bland (2003) Dating climatic change in hot deserts using desert varnish on meteorite finds . Middle–Late Cretaceous climate of the southern high latitudes: Stable isotopic evidence for minimal equator-to-pole thermal gradients: Discussion and reply Geological Society of America Bulletin 1996 108: 1192-1196 QUAYLE, R., PETERSON, T & EASTERLING, D. (online, 1995), Global Warming.- Frecuently asked questions. Relations between relative changes in sea level and climate shifts: Pennsylvanian–Permian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic strata, western United States Geological Society of America Bulletin 1997 109: 1089-1100 [Abstract] Rech, J.

Kurt Lambeck, Yusuke Yokoyama, Paul Johnston and Anthony Purcell (2000): Global ice volumes at the Last Glacial Maximum and early Lateglacial • .

(2002): Late Quaternary paleohydrology of the central Atacama Desert (22-24°S), Chile: Geological Society of America Bulletin, v.

Realizamos desde el levantamiento de planos geológicos-estructurales en superficie hasta la capacitación presencial-online en tópicos especializados.

Nuestros trabajos están orientados a la exploración minera, de hidrocarburos e ingeniería.

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