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After Quick Chat loads its own CSS file it will search for file inside your current theme directory. here you can see how it works on my website chat99if anyonme what to chat, register and enjoy it…If this file exists Quick Chat will load it after its own CSS file. it’s free, no adv and you can have a page with only the room you are in…From my experience most of time Quick Chat isn’t working due to old j Query library version being loaded by your Word Press theme or some other miss-behaving Word Press plugin.Loading old j Query version is considered poor development practice by Word Press developer who created miss-behaving plugin because it breaks other plugins that require recent j Query version for their normal operation. This way you will fix problems with all modern Word Press plugins not only Quick Chat.

You can test this by changing your theme and/or disabling other plugins one by one until you find the one that conflicts with Quick Chat.

Quick Chat is using Quick Flag Word Press plugin to resolve IP address to country flag so to enable this feature you must install and activate Quick Flag plugin.

To hide country flag display you can deactivate Quick Flag plugin or enable “Disable Quick Flag Word Press plugin integration” checkbox in Quick Count admin options.

Last two parameters can take value (0) to hide chat for logged in users (7th parameter) or guests (8th parameter) and (1) to display it.

Last two parameters determine will avatars and character counter be displayed (1) or hidden (0).

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