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They were all (except Ringo) moving in different directions musically, and Brian Epstein's death really permanently disrupted the cohesion of the group.Yoko Ono not only mind controlled Lennon she had him pussy whipped from the get go.He'd never met a woman THIS bizarre and controlling in his life. Ono said they took heroin "as a celebration of ourselves as artists."She was no "established NY artist." She was TRYING to be one, but not getting anywhere. I suppose I might like her if she'd ever shown a shred of humility, been willing to let someone else take center stage.He wanted to be dominated and told what to do; it made life easier for him. She was good at getting attention, but not at creating any art that was worth anything."A classically trained musician? She wasn't capable of saying "John is the musicial, I am the artist, we are both thinkers and activists", she had to become part of his musicianship even though she had no skill or talent.

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Their husbands did everything they could to convince the public their wives were an integral part of their work, that they were talented, and the public should fawn over them.Ono was no "maternal presence." She was a bulldozer; she latched onto Lennon as soon as she met him. Lennon and his wife Cynthia were in a limo when Ono jumped into it and threw herself between them. She hired a bunch of top session musicians in NY to make an album and when they showed up she didn't have a note of music for them to record, just a page with some vague, indecipherable notations on it. Her job was to turn the sixties revolution into a bed-ridden drug fest, undermining all of the intellectualism and progress of the time.She begged him to contribute money for her art projects telling him "If you don't support me, that's it! " Being a wretchedly fucked up guy, Lennon found all of this insane behavior intriguing. The session musicians had to come up with ALL the music from scratch. If she was able to turn the most famous people in the world, the Beatles, into hapless, immobile druggies then she had won the war on the youth via the illuminati establishment.This involved opening one of two enormous ancient wooden doors for access. It probably helped that the nerd accompanying her was wearing a satin type jacket with the words Yoko Ono Band or something like this on its back.My BF and I were on our way out, collecting our coats when I looked down into the cobblestone courtyard. We couldn't believe it was she - and what the hell was she doing trespassing, just meandering around our courtyard?

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