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The nation's campaign money system largely stood unchanged until 2002, when Congress passed the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act — commonly known as the Mc Cain-Feingold Act, named for its two Senate sponsors.The law curtailed a variety of political activities and included a ban on unlimited "soft money" contributions — corporate and union cash — given to political parties.

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"We believe that most campaign finance laws are unconstitutional.

Everyone knows what a great talent Hank Azaria is - and I have known of Kathryn Hahn's stunning performing skills since they gave her the "A" storyline in an episode of that coroner's office series in which she played a supporting character.

I have always imagined they may have regretted that since she completely eclipsed everything else that ever came out of that fairly excellent program! So far, I wouldn't hesitate to put this up against the best sitcoms of today or of any day.

His colleagues aren't actually much help: from the boss who can't wait to hear about Alex's sexual exploits to the eternal "player" who wants Alex as his ... It is well-known in the TV world that a new sitcom now has to open running on all cylinders or it is over.

The two seasons SEINFELD had to get it together is a thing of the past - now you're lucky if you get two episodes!

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