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Japan's nuclear reactor disaster now admits coverup. Agenda 21 and the elites plan for global domination. : FDA approves Stomach pump so people can gorge and then pump stomachs. Big pharma ordered to pay 67,000,000 on a cancer drug that was mis marketed Student loans are massively in default. Good show : The frog and the scorpion ..hear story Update on the orlando shooting Hillary wants another assault weapon ban...wants a lot more than this Saudi crown prince says we fund 20% of Clinton's campaign. Military wants ak47s made in the USA Mercury dental fillings and their side effects : Oklahoma is stealing money from drivers who have money in their acct via wireless transfer when stopped by police. Teds story of meeting a Ted Kennedy bleeding heart liberal while on a plane.

300k migrants in Germany are now working illegally and giving kickbacks to asylum staff Immigration judges now releasing 33% of illegal’s charged with crimes since 2015Syrian refugees now flooding Michigan along with shari towns now completely muslims controlled in that state. Republican Illinois governor signs pro abortion bill. Democratic convention ends with having to pay attendees to fill seats. German politician trying to put German troops back on the streets of germany. Evidence unfolding that CIA and NATO may have been involved is Turkish coup. Romance novels the new porn being used against women. Ted Cruz soiled himself last night at the convention, politically. BBC says calling a terrorist a terrorist is politically incorrect...Problem is they are serious. High energy green show : How the election machines were hacked.. Artificial sweeteners increase appetite, here's how. The green tea in purple sticks may be good for neurological disorders. Syrian refugee assaults 13 year old child in Massachusetts. : Joseph Myers famed economist joins the show to give you his take on Brexit and the future of the stock market and gold. Straight A students failed for refusing to take common core tests. Alzheimer's association says known environmental brain toxins have no link to the disease. Former East German communist Angela Merkel wants turkey in the EU. Aspirin now linked to several intestinal disorders. Investigative papers seized from Josef Resch who was doing extensive research on flight 17. Don't use high fructose corn syrup it damages the brain. Good luck with this rule for the non saved sailors.

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