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And once you've met, it's not so hard to make sure your entire relationship--from your first date to your first time meeting the parents--falls on the green side. Back To Top ΛGreen Dating Sites Green Passions Green Singles Earthwise Singles Planet Earth Singles Chocolate Vere Chocolate Terra Nostra Organic Chocolate Sweet Earth Organic Chocolates Chocosphere Organic Flowers Organic Bouquet Diamond Organics California Organic Flowers Eco-friendly Jewelry Green Karat Moonrise Jewelry Nimli Back To Top ΛMake a good impression on a first date with tips for buying green wine and putting together a green wardrobe.

If you're already working on a relationship-even if it's long distance--spice things up with an eco-friendly pet name and ideas for green dates.Back To Top ΛOrganic Wine A good bottle of wine can keep conversation flowing on even the most awkward first date, but how do you know if the one you've chosen is really organic?Wine has more stringent organic requirements than nearly any other food on the market: it can be made from entirely-organic grapes and still not receive USDA organic certification if the vineyard adds sulfites, a naturally-occurring preservative.(This is why organic wine gets a bad reputation for taste: without preservatives, it doesn't hold up as well.) A bottle that says "Made from organically-grown grapes" often has additional sulfites; even so, it's 99.9 percent organic.Cut Flowers It's pretty obvious which vegetables are out of season in your area, and when-tomatoes in January?

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