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When Sheera Frenkel started observing ISIS online, she was surprised by how ordinary the conversations were. “A lot of these channels are just a bunch of dudes mansplaining the Internet to each other.” Frenkel is Buzz Feed’s cybersecurity reporter, and she’s spent the last six months figuring out how ISIS uses the internet.

“Ninety-nine percent of ISIS are probably not using the internet for anything more sophisticated than occasionally going onto Facebook or Twitter,” she says.

Friendship or something more are all possible, the sky is the limit.

Our chats allow responsible sharing of pictures and videos. Even adults should take care when giving out information in chatrooms.

We don't recomend you give your facebook until you are really sure you know the person well enough.

The safest way is to use our video chat rooms to talk and watch the webcams first to be safe.

If you plan to meet another adult from our chat rooms bring a friend with you and meet in a public place.

And chatting feels more like a real life conversation than messaging someone.

Naturally, chat rooms are the beginning point only - you have to meet someone in real life to find out if you have chemistry.

“What worked 20 or 30 years ago still works today.” But the online presence of ISIS has been “a gift for intelligence,” Frenkel adds.

“The more that they’re online, the more of a digital footprint they have, and the more that intelligence agencies in Europe and the US can trace them and follow them.” Last month, an American deputy secretary of defense, Robert O.

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