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St Andrews forms part of the North East Fife constituency, electing one Member of Parliament (MP) to the House of Commons of the Parliament of the United Kingdom by the first past the post system.

The constituency is represented by Stephen Gethins, MP of the Scottish National Party.

This means that the lay-out may have led to the creation of two new streets (North Street and South Street) from the foundations of the new St Andrews Cathedral filling the area inside a two-sided triangle at its apex.

St Andrews, in particular the large cathedral built in 1160, was the most important centre of pilgrimage in medieval Scotland and one of the most important in Europe.

The settlement grew to the west of St Andrews cathedral with the southern side of the Scores to the north and the Kinness burn to the south.

The burgh soon became the ecclesiastical capital of Scotland, a position which was held until the Scottish Reformation.

The Royal Burgh of St Andrews Community Council, meeting on the first Monday of the month in the Council Chamber of the Town Hall, forms the lowest tier of governance whose statutory role is to communicate local opinion to local and central government. Fife Council, the unitary local authority for St Andrews, based in Glenrothes is the executive, deliberative and legislative body responsible for local governance.

After the founding of a religious settlement in Muckross in around 370 AD, the name changed to Cennrígmonaid.

This is Old Gaelic and composed of the elements cenn (head, peninsula), ríg (king) and monaid (moor).

This became Cell Rígmonaid (cell meaning church) and was anglicised Kilrymont. The name St Andrews derives from the town's claim to be the resting place of bones of the apostle Andrew.

According to legend, St Regulus (or Rule) brought the relics to Kilrymont, where a shrine was established for their safekeeping and veneration while Kilrymont was renamed in honour of the saint.

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