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There are other datums that may be more accurate for individual countries, but in the hang and paragliding world we tend to use WGS84.WGS84 defines the Earth as an ellipsoid: a squashed ball.The problem is not yet fully researched and even one does not yet universally enter basic researches on it, however it has its many natural empirical verifications.

Let us remember at this moment about thermal-reactive lithospheric deposits of methane hydrates, existing now in the global crust (under sub-polar ground area and world ocean bed) in gigantic amount near their eruptive limits!

Either of mentioned result – of GPS and VLBI research – in its error limits (±) does not indent each other.

Such undentness disqualify these results – the first or the second or both of them – as result of ultra precise scientific measurement!

---------------------- Notice: My next important article (*) is not for some advertising, but it is for humanitarian alarming.

It is critical material what is right according to IMC idea!

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